Dog Agility is a fun, fast paced obstacle course for you and your dog.

Dog Agility requires clear communication, trust and team work and can help create great lasting relationships both whilst doing agility and also in everyday life.

At Waggology our dog agility training is based in Sileby in Leicestershire and is suitable to dogs aged 6 months and over. Our foundation training will not require young dogs to jump or twist which may be damaging to growing bones, instead we use flat work to encourage dogs to learn a great skill base which makes progression as they get older so much easier.

We offer both 121 and group sessions, however our group sessions are limited. We suggest all those who are new to agility start on a 121 basis. This allows us to take time over the training without the pressure of others watching. We can go at a pace you are comfortable with and tailor our sessions to your needs allowing your confidence to grow without too much distraction initially.

Sessions are suitable to anyone local to Leicestershire, wanting to enjoy time with their dog whether your end goal is to just have fun every week, compete at local shows or qualify for crufts the end training will be the same. Something is wrong if it isn’t fun!

121 sessions are available Monday – Saturday daytime at our field in Sileby in Leicstershire, all year round. For those working shifts, we are happy to accommodate different times and days each week to suit your needs. During the summer months we also offer limited evening availability.

We hold The Agility Club Agility Instructors award at a 1st Class level and are fully insured.