Here at Waggology, we take puppy training very seriously and aim to give you and your puppy the best start on your journey together. Done correctly puppy training can be so much fun and builds bonds that last a lifetime.

We recognise that even purchasing a puppy can be stressful, but don’t worry we’ve got your back. Whether you are concerned about what equipment you need, what to look for in a puppy or breeder or those all important first few days, we have something to help.

We offer several options for puppy training:

Before you get your puppy: This is a one off session giving you everything you need know about welcoming a new puppy in to your life. We cover everything from how to pick a breeder and the perfect puppy, to what equipment you need, how to tackle toilet training and surviving the first night. 

Weekly classes: Based at a village hall near Syston in Leicestershire, this is a 5 week block with other puppies. Classes last 1 hour and run for a 5 week block. New skills will be taught each week along with a recap of the previous weeks session.

121 sessions: If you are based in Leicestershire or Rutland these sessions are bookable in a 5 session block which is structured around the needs of your family to help your new pet become a perfect fit. Our 121 puppy training sessions move at a pace you are comfortable with in the convenience of your own home or local environment. They provide the opportunity to work in real environments whilst we support you every step of the way. We help you to grow your partnership with confidence offering support and advice where needed.

Single sessions to support a particular issuePerhaps you are struggling with recall or toilet training, play or puppy biting? Whatever your puppy training need you can purchase single sessions to help. Again, these puppy training sessions are available throughout Leicestershire and Rutland.

Are we qualified? We have trained extensively with a variety of organisations and are dedicated to continuously improving our qualifications and knowledge in order to provide you and your dog with a first class experience. We are currently accredited with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and hold qualifications from The School of Canine Science Puppy Lab Certification and Canine Principles. Sarah Whitehead and Grisha Stewart. A full list is available on request.