Dogs love to sniff, why not work with that to provide a great relaxing enrichment activity?


Photo by Ginny Tarelli Photography

Every dog can be a scent work dog. it does not require the physical agility that some dog sports do.

Scent work mimics the work of detection dogs by teaching dogs to locate specific scents or items and indicate their location to the owner. It has many benefits including providing mental stimulation and calming and focusing busy dogs.

We use scents which are widely available such as catnip, cloves, kong, gun oil, human scent and truffle oil. We teach internal, vehicle and external searches as the courses progresses, as well as passive (freeze) and active (dig or retrieve) indications.

Their is no restriction on age for scent work. Our classes are based near Syston, Leicestershire and are open to all sociable dogs with a basic level of obedience from 16 weeks to 16 years+

For dogs who would love to learn scentwork but struggle to be near other dogs, our 121 sessions may be a perfect fit. We can visit you at your home anywhere in Leicestershire or Rutland at a time convenient to you.

Our scentwork beginner course is 5 weeks long, designed to teach you the foundations of scent work and is suitable for those with little or no experience in formal training.

We are accredited by Scentwork UK and are working towards further accreditation with WSDA.

Prices available on request.